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Friday, September 09, 2005

We can help the victims of Hurrican Katrina

Here we are, almost weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast. Most of us have watched in horror as we realize the enormity of the devastation that descended upon the Alabama, Mississippi and New Orleans area. The need for services has made most of us open our pocketbooks and make generous donations. But, there are many who will not make a donation because of their fear that the funds will not be used as they think they should. Even those who have made their donations, it won’t be enough. This is not a need that can be taken care of with our one-time donations. I was thinking about how these families will be displaced for months if not years. They have no homes, no jobs, no possessions - in other words, they have nothing. Rebuilding their lives in strange places will take most of their energy and physical resources. We can help them. My thought is, if every city and town in the United States adopts one or more families and each resident of those cities and towns will donate $1.00 a week, we can help in an on going way to help these refugees get on their feet. $1.00 a week is not going to break anyone. Most of us spend much more than that without even thinking. In fact, we probably don’t even know where we’re currently spending that $1.00. That’s less than a cup of coffee, or the Sunday newspaper, or certainly a pack of cigarettes. The administration of the funds could be through local community banks. We’d have the opportunity to get to know who the donation is going to, and they would know who was making the donation. We could, without pain, take care of these people’s needs and give them the support they need to get their lives together. We’re lucky. We didn’t lose everything we own. We didn’t have to go through the repercussions of this past week where we didn’t know what happened to our homes or our loved ones. If you believe my idea has merit, write to your congressman, call a radio talk show, tell your pastor, call your town officials, write a letter to your local newspaper. Let’s get together and take care of our fellow citizens. We would want them t