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Monday, August 29, 2005

Service that should be standard expectations

Rarely do I have such a fantastic experience of service while making a purchase, that I am compelled to comment on it to the sales associate. recently, I had that kind of encounter. I went to Home Depot in Wilbraham, MA to check out refrigerators. I was just there to check out the models, capacities and the prices. There was a sales associate who asked me if I needed help. I told her that yes, I did. She then asked me what my needs were, what color I was looking for, etc. She then asked the dimensions of the opening the old refrigerator was in. I told her I didn’t know, I thought they were all standard size. She assured me that was not the case and many people purchased units that wouldn’t fit into the existing space. She showed her knowledge of her product in many ways. She knew capacities, features as well as advising me that if I bought an energy saver model, I might be eligible for a rebate from my electric company. She then made copies of the models specifications that I was most interested in. She acknowledged the fact that I had two children with me, addressed comments to them, even though they are both babies, and I thanked her and went on my way. When I got home and measured the opening, you guessed it, the models I liked wouldn’t fit. I was so grateful she had pointed out that I needed to measure. I went back to the store with the measurements in hand a few days later. A different sales associated was on duty and when I told him I had measured my existing space, he said he couldn’t help me because all the models they had were larger than my opening. Then, miraculously, the previous sales associate came up to us, recognized me and the babies and asked how we were. The sales associate who had just told me there were no refrigerators in the size I wanted, asked the woman if she could help me. Immediately, she went to the computer to check to see what was available. After much searching, she found one that was the size I needed, with the features I wanted. I told her I’d take it. She then said that she’d give me a coupon for 10 percent off. That was a $100 savings. She told me how to use it at the cash register, she explained how to get my delivery charge rebate, how it would be delivered and put all my paper work together in a neat, paper-clipped document. I profusely thanked her for her help. She had gone above and beyond. Just yesterday, even before the refrigerator has been delivered, she sent me a note and a coupon for an additional $100 rebate on the refrigerator. She was pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, created a sense of importance and comfort on my part and went out of her way to help me save money. That is service that is over and above what most retail store clerks offer.


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