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Friday, June 17, 2005

Customer Expectations

I am constantly amazed at how people who could benefit greatly by giving good service, don't seem to get it. I went to a hair salon last week, hoping against hope that the hairdresser who had cut my hair the previous month was there. My experience with her was outstanding. Well, she wasn't working that day and since it was over an hours drive from home, I took another hairdresser who I was told could do an equally good job. I sat in the chair to have my hair washed. I knew that this was a massage chair from my previous experience. The chair lowered me down to the sink, but it didn't massage me as expected. When she put the conditioner on my hair, I expected a complimentary hand massage because that's what the previous hairdresser had done. Well, this person walked away as though to leave me unattended. She came back a few seconds later and told me that she would massage my hands at no charge. Quite abruptly and without the finesse of the first hairdresser. She then sat me in the chair and proceeded to cut my hair without the care and interest I was expecting. By the time she was done, the tip I was going to give her had been diminished to the bare minimum. Now, if I hadn't had such great service the first time, I might have been more generous. But, the lesson here is, once the customer has experienced a great experience, anything less than that is a dissapointment. My desire to return will only be evident if the first hairdresser is available. Otherwise, I'll take my business elsewhere.


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