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Friday, June 03, 2005

Customer expectations

I just had an experience today with a contractor who had promised to be at my house at 4PM to give me an estimate on a fence for my yard. At 4:05 I figured he was just running late, coming from another job. At 4:15, I wondered why he didn't call me to let me know he was held up. At 4:30, I decided he wasn't going to show up. By 4:45, I dismissed him as a possible prospect for putting up my fence. When he called at 5PM to apologize and tell me that he had forgotten our appointment, I was beyond caring. When you promise to do something for a client (or in this case, a new customer), you should make every effort to live up to your promise. As a matter of fact, you should deliver more than you promise. I contrast this company's lack of attention to the customer to the pest control company I recently called. They told me they would be to my house between 3 & 3:30. They arrived 5 minutes early. I was very impressed - to say the least.


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