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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Personal Leadership

In my last post, I spoke about taking personal responibility and how it is one of the characteristics we can develop to help us become successful. It is ironic that just after I wrote that, I had someone who was extremely angry at me for holding them accountable to an earlier agreement we had made. This individual took it to the level of swearing at me in front of children and calling me names. A few days later, I got a call from his wife who was apologizing for him and saying that the only reason he got so angry was because of his work hours, his frustration and being over-tired. This is a prime example of someone who will not take personal responsibility for his actions. We all have days when we're tired, frustrated and over-worked. Sometimes we do lash out inappropriately. But on those days, it is up to us to own up to our actions. A customer is more likely to forgive you and your company if you step up to the plate and don't try to make excuses for your actions. A co-worker will have greater respect for you, a boss will put more faith in you, if you only take presonal responsibility for your actions. Have a great Memorial Dau Weekend.


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